NFL Game Day  Multi-Cam Live/Field Director

Turner Sports  Show Co-Producer

Gator Boys Director/ Supervising Producer Animal Planet

The Zoo Editor, Animal Planet

The Bain Family Supervising Editor, A&E, Pilot

The Greatest Writer/Producer/Editor,

Learning Channel, CIA & Niagra Power

American Heroes Executive Producer/Director,

PBS & Disney Channel (see press articles)

Shark Week Editor, Discovery

Nascar 360 Editor, FX Networks

Sunk Producer/Editor, The Travel Channel

American Jungle Editor, History Channel

The Real L Word Editor, SHOWTIME

Chasing Nashville Editor, Lifetime, NBC

Bear Swamp Repo Editor, Tru-Tv

Project Runway, Editor, Bravo

Los Cowboys* Editor, Hulu

Cutthroat Kitchen* Editor, Food Network, Ep. 101

American Guns Editor, Discovery Networks

Mall Cops Supervising Producer, Learning Channel, 12 Ep.

NFL Players Association Producer/Director/Editor

-Media segments

Charles Atlas Corp Producer/Editor, Pilot

Modern Marvels Producer/Editor, 

History Channel/ Multiple eps

Intimate Portraits Editor, History Channel

Into Thin Air Writer/Producer,

Entertainment Daily Journal, Segment Producer,

Documentary Series

Received Damages, Director, FOX, Black Flag Documentary

Roseland Writer/Director, PBS

TV News

CNN  Producer, Director - Live and Special Unit

America's Most Wanted Producer, 20th TV (Re-creations)

Crimewatch Tonight Producer, Syndicated (Re-creations)

Cops Editor, Fox Television

KTTV- Los Angeles Producer /Live and Specials

WOKR - Action 13  / Live News Director/Producer


Guiness Records Primetime  Producer/Editor, FOX

Behind The Music Editor, VH1

Planet Primetime Editor, The Travel Channel


Jam Writer/Director, Showtime & Starz Media

-Featuring Jefferey Dean Morgan and Gina Torres

The Unlikelies Supervising Editor, Fortune 5 Entertainment

Eat A Bowl Of Tea Editor, Columbia Pictures

Marilyn: Something's Got To Give Editor, FOX


Survivor (Seasons I-IV)* Editor, CBS TV

Amazing Race (Season III &IV) Lead Editor, CBS TV

American Idol (Season I)* Editor, Fox Television

Project Runway* (Pilot) Editor,  Bravo

Dancing With The Stars Editor, ABC

Expedition Impossible Editor, CBS

The Voice Editor, ABC TV/AUS

The Bachelor Editor, ABC

Kitchen Nightmares Editor, FOX

Sing It Editor, Lifetime

Mad Mad House (Season I)* Lead Editor, Sci-Fi Channel

Combat Missions Lead Editor, USA Networks

Treasure Hunters Editor, NBC-TV


Last Comic Standing, Editor, NBC

The A List, Editor, Comedy Central

My Life Is A Sitcom Editor, ABC Family Channel

Eddie Griffin: Going For BrokeEditor, VH1

Killer Karaoke Editor, Tru-Tv


NFL Players Association Producer/Director/Editor

Charles Atlas Corp Producer/Editor, Pilot

Immortalized Lead Editor, AMC

Signposts Producer/Editor

Open Paths Producer/Editor

*Part of creative team to format first season



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